Kenmore Elite Microhood Combo #8850X

UPDATE: This model has been discontinued.

(Manufacturer: LG)

Microwave-hood combinations (aka microhood) have almost completely replaced the conventional range hood in the average person's kitchen. By moving the microwave over the range, and combining it with a hood to draw fumes, smoke, and odors out of the air, it has become the preferred way of housing a microwave in today's kitchen. One of the finest models we have is the Kenmore Elite Microhood Combo #8850X.

This microhood has most of its controls within a central dial on the console, which clears up the traditionally button-intensive control panel. There are still a few buttons to use for basic functions, but most are accessed through the dial.

The spacious 2.0 cubic foot interior is mirror-finished stainless steel, which gives a professional appearance while making clean-up easier and increasing the durability of the machine (no rusting). The EvenGlide Plus carousel tray means that you'll have the most even microwave heating possible, by spinning the dish and moving the dish left to right.

At 1100 watts, the microwave has plenty of power for all of your microwaving needs, and will get the job done quickly. With sensor cooking options, your foods will tell the microwave when they're almost done based on how much steam comes from your food.

The fan is a very capable 300 CFM, to take care of your range's hood needs. With 5 speeds, you have control over how strong the airflow is, and you can manage the sound of the fan.

If you're in the market for a new microhood, and want a good-looking, strong-performing, versatile model, the Kenmore Elite #8850X is an excellent choice.