Kenmore Free-Standing Electric Range #9290X

UPDATE: This model has been discontinued.

(Manufacturer: Frigidaire/Electrolux)

Kenmore ranges have come a long way since the old-fashioned coil models. Today's electric ranges sport ceramic glass cooking surfaces for easy clean-up, faster heating, greater temperature control, and far more options than the ranges of old. One of the best-selling models is #9290X (formerly #9742X).

This range boasts a 6.1 cubic foot oven, the largest in the industry. With four oven racks, there is no shortage of baking space, and with true convection, the top rack will cook just as fast and evenly as the bottom, and in less time than a conventional oven.

The ceramic glass cooktop utilizes a 5-burner configuration, with two standard burners in the rear, a simmer burner in the center rear (good for delicate sauces, chocolate, etc.), a power burner in the front-left corner, and a 6"/9"/12" expandable triple-ring burner in the front-right corner, to accommodate cookware of various diameters.

The controls include options for convection during baking and roasting, which will affect the speed of the fan. The true convection feature will result in decreased cooking time, increased cooking capacity, and better results. You are also afforded a conversion function, which will convert the temperature and time from your favorite recipe into appropriate temperature and time for convection, so you don't have to do all the thinking. The cooktop is controlled with knobs, while the oven is controlled digitally.

The bottom drawer serves as a warming drawer, allowing you to keep food warm for folks who are late for dinner, keep food warm until mealtime, or keep plates or rolls warm. The warming drawer keeps food warm enough to prohibit bacteria and cool enough to prevent overcooking.

A Kenmore-exclusive feature is AirGuard, which greatly reduces odors from foods cooking in the oven - like fish - when selected, and automatically reduces odors from self-cleaning, but allows pleasant aromas to fill the kitchen if you don't turn the AirGuard feature on.

For the homeowner who wants a great range with a full set of premium features to get the best cooking results possible, this is a fantastic choice.