Kenmore Front-Load Washer 4031X

UPDATE: This model has been discontinued.

Manufacturer: LG

The Kenmore laundry line-up has been fully re-vamped for 2010, and these new models offer features and benefits not available on previous Kenmore front-loaders. As an example, consider the middle-of-the-line 40311 (white).

First, the styling has changed. Gone are the brushed chrome door accents, and in come the new smoky rings. Instead of the traditional clear window, it is darkened, much like tinted windows on a car. This creates a sharp contrast between the body of the machine and the window, and makes for a striking appearance.

Second, the mechanics of the machine have changed. Instead of the belt-driven washer, the new Kenmore front-load line-up is direct-drive. This allows for new wash cycle motions using Smart Motion Technology, which increase cleaning power without extending wash times, and while keeping the cycle gentle on your garments.

Third, new vibration mitigation technologies make the Kenmore 40311 extremely quiet, and suitable for installation on any floor, unlike prior Kenmore machines which were more suitable for concrete or reinforced first floors. This means even if the washer is on the same floor as the bedroom, it won't be waking anybody up.

Some features are improved over previous generations of Kenmore, such as the spin cycle balancing. It can actually self-adjust during the spin cycle, rather than stopping the spin cycle to re-balance the load.

The Kenmore 40311 is a 4.2 cubic foot model, with the capacity to wash approximately 20 24"x44" towels. It boasts a maximum spin speed of 1200 RPM, and a water heating element to let you sanitize your towels and other garments without the use of fabric-harming chlorine bleach. And, the new "Cold Clean" cycle uses cold water to clean as efficiently as warm water without using as much energy! As with almost all front-load washing machines, the Kenmore 40311 is Energy Star-rated.

Kenmore's new front-load laundry line-up provides a formidable assortment of machines with features, options, and prices for just about everyone. With models offering steam cleaning and drying, stain treating cycles, and ultra-quiet operation, there is a model to suit every person's needs. For a good mid-range model, the Kenmore 40311 is a tough one to beat.

Buy the Kenmore 4031X in WHITE (40311) or GINGER (40318).

Buy the Kenmore 4044X in WHITE (40441) or GINGER (40448). (This is the same model with a steam generator for enhanced stain fighting and sanitizing)