Bosch Pro Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range HDI7282U

Manufacturer: Bosch

And we're back! This time, we're looking at the Bosch Pro dual-fuel slide-in range model HDI7282U. This model is available in stainless steel only.

The HDI7282U is a dual-fuel range, which means the cooktop is gas, and the oven is electric. It does require a 240v outlet with a minimum 30 amp fuse / circuit breaker.

Bosch Pro lends a professional appearance to the kitchen with stainless steel all over the front and top, and continuous grates on the cooktop. The controls are elegantly simple, with four burner knobs and a menu selector knob, with a six-option glass touch panel.

Four burners on the cooktop give you a wide range of heat (400-16,000 BTU), so whether you're simmering sauces or stir-frying vegetables you'll have the power you need. The porcelain-coated cooktop is easy to clean and maintain.

The oven has 8-pass elements for the bake and broiler elements. That means you're going to have even heating for baking a lasagna and browning the cheese on top. And, the true/European convection in the oven (with an 1,100 watt element) gives you more evenness when baking breads and cookies. You can even bake up to three trays of cookies at the same time. 30% less cooking time with convection, and faster pre-heating, means less time spent cooking and more time spent enjoying delicious food.

There's a temperature probe in the oven, too. so no more overcooking roasts. You'll have a much easier time getting turkeys cooked perfectly and pork loins that are juicy instead of dried out. By not opening the door several times and removing the food to check the internal temperature, you'll also save energy and get done cooking faster.

For sharp European styling and excellent cooking, the Bosch Pro dual-fuel slide-in range HDI7282U is a fantastic range.

Bosch Pro HDI7282U

If you prefer a more traditional American residential look, the Bosch HDI7052U gives you all the same features (except the temperature probe) with a glass door and a black control panel and knobs for a difference of a couple hundred dollars less.

Bosch HDI7052U