Frigidaire Affinity High-Efficiency Top-Load Washing Machine (FAHE4044MW)

Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Today, we're going to look at Frigidaire's new high-efficiency top-load washing machine, the Frigidaire Affinity FAHE4044MW. This model is available in white.
The FAHE4044MW washer is Frigidaire's return to top-load laundry after a hiatus of a few years. This model is 3.4 cubic feet in capacity, which is good for homes with smaller laundry needs. It can accommodate a "full" or "double" size comforter.
This model has a white polymer Seamless DuraMotion washbasket, which will not stain, rust, or crack, and it carries with it a lifetime warranty from Frigidaire. And, you can see the washbasket (and your laundry) through the window in the lid. You can see your laundry getting cleaner by the minute!
How does your laundry get cleaner? Well, Frigidaire has some great technology to make that happen. First, the detergent gets drawn in and circulated with the Waterfall Wash system, which cascades the detergent-saturated water over the laundry for the first eight minutes of the cycle.
Then, the Immersion Care wash motions move the laundry from top to bottom over and over, so there's plenty of turnover and scrubbing action inside.
Before getting to the 800 RPM max spin, the washer rinses with fresh water that bypasses the detergent dispenser to make sure no residues get brought into the rinse.
You do have the option to add extra water (up to 36 gallons) if you decide you want to, though you shouldn't ever need to, as the washer is designed to use the correct amount for the type and amount of laundry you're washing.
Inside, where you can't see, there's a tripod suspension system and a vibration control system to keep the machine balanced and quiet during spin.
If your home doesn't have big laundry needs and you want an efficient washing machine, perhaps you'd like to look at the new Frigidaire FAHE4044MW.

Frigidaire FAHE4044MW