Getting to know your new HE top-load washer

Congratulations on purchasing one of the most advanced washing machines available!
top load washerBecause you’ve made a significant investment in this new appliance, your satisfaction is very important. Knowing what to expect from your new washer will help maximize performance and enjoyment. This high-efficiency (HE) washing machine is different than conventional top-loading washers, and it will work differently. Here are a few important things to keep in mind:
  • Read the owner’s manual.
  • Only use HE detergent, and always put laundry chemicals in the appropriate dispensers.
  • HE top-loaders use 50-75% less water than conventional top-loaders, so less bleach and fabric softener are required (if used). If your laundry is not as clean as you expect, try using less detergent (and fabric softener, if used). More is not better!
  • The more laundry you put in your HE washer, the better it cleans.
  • To protect your garments from possible damage, certain options are restricted based on the cycle chosen.
  • Your laundry will not be submerged under water; instead, it will be saturated with soapy water with some extra water for soil suspension.
  • Instead of washing by forcing laundry down into soapy water, your HE top-load washer washes by causing the laundry to rise up the center and cycle back down against the sides of the washtub.
  • Despite having high spin speeds, HE top-loaders are appropriate for second-floor installations. The vertical axis of the washtub means that there is little vibration due to sway. Higher spin speed means shorter drying time.
  • Use Washer Magic for your first cycle, and then every 4-6 weeks.
  • If you receive any error codes or are unsure if your washer is working properly, call for service immediately.


Q: Why do I have to use HE detergent?
A: Unlike regular detergent, HE detergent doesn’t make suds. Suds can damage your HE washer. HE detergent generally costs the same as regular detergent, cleans the same as regular detergent, and most brands have HE versions of their detergents. Using smaller amounts of regular detergent is never recommended. Using regular detergent voids your manufacturer warranty, and any resulting damage will not be covered by any service plan.
Q: Why are some options not available on certain cycles?
A: Your washer is “goof-proofed” to protect your garments. By restricting certain options depending on the cycle, potentially damaging options cannot be chosen. This helps those of us who aren’t so good at doing laundry without hindering those of us who are.
Q: Why are the cycle times longer?
A: Cycle times are based on effective cleaning. The way these washers work will actually clean your clothes more thoroughly than conventional washers.
Q: Why does the water go on and off so often?
A: HE washers have load sensors that determine how much water is needed for the amount of laundry in the washtub. Water is added in short bursts and the load is weighed between each burst. When the load no longer gets heavier with added water, the load is saturated and a little more water is added for soil suspension. If you hear banging while this is happening, you should install water hammer arrestors. Water hammer is caused by pipes that are not fastened securely. Water hammer arrestors can be purchased online or at home improvement centers.
Q: Why should I use Washer Magic?
A: Washer Magic should be used for the first cycle to eliminate residue from manufacture, rather than having it redeposited on your laundry. It should be used every 4-6 weeks to eliminate residues from stains, detergents, and fabric softener, which helps keep the washer fresh and prevent excessive wear.
Q: Why are protection agreements recommended for HE top-loading washing machines?
A: HE top-loaders have sophisticated electronics, load sensors, and high spin speeds. Most repairs for HE washers cost $300-500 or more. Additionally, annual maintenance checks help prevent big problems, and should one occur anyway, you’d be covered 100% for up to 5 years. Manufacturer warranties usually only cover defects in materials and workmanship, and generally only last 12 months. Protecting your investment provides great peace of mind.
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