Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 12793

Manufacturer: Whirlpool

The new Kenmore Elite 12793, available in stainless steel only, has just been released for sale. This is the quietest Kenmore dishwasher ever, at a silent 39 dBa. And, it’s one of the top two dishwashers as of the latest Consumer Reports ratings (May 2013). It is #2, with the new Kenmore PRO model being #1 (12803). They are essentially the same dishwasher, with cosmetic differences on the outside, so this review will cover both items.
One of the coolest new features in the Kenmore Elite 12793 and Kenmore PRO 12803 is the top rack. What? A rack being cool? Oh, yes, my friend! First, the top rack is on smooth-rolling ball-bearings, giving the top rack an incredibly durable feel and easy smooth motion even with a completely full load.


And, to top it off, it has one-hand adjustment. Just move a lever and the whole rack moves up. Move it again, and it goes down. Even with the whole top rack filled up, you can easily lift or lower the rack!


As I said, it’s the quietest Kenmore dishwasher ever. It’s also one of the very quietest dishwashers available to the general public. Other than the sound water passing through your home’s pipes, you won’t ever know it’s running. Well, except for the small display behind the handle that shows where in the cycle it is. Otherwise, there is nothing but complete silence.
This is also the best cleaning dishwasher thanks to some Kenmore / Kenmore Elite/PRO exclusive features. First is the TurboZone, which is explained in the “How to choose a dishwasher” page.
There’s also the new PowerWash 360 Plus system. Current Kenmore Elite dishwashers all have the PowerWash 360 system, which involves two separate components on the bottom wash arm. One, at one end of the wash arm, is driven purely by water pressure, spinning quickly as the main arm turns. The other is a large arm at the other end of the wash arm, and it turns via gears in a “X” spray pattern, so the bottom rack gets complete coverage.

The PowerWash 360 Plus system motorizes the bottom wash arm, so the speed is controlled, and the arm can travel clockwise AND counter-clockwise for even greater cleaning power. These two dishwashers are the only models available with a motorized bottom wash arm.
Other features that make the Kenmore Elite 12793 and Kenmore PRO 12803 great performers are the cycle options, like a Top Rack Only option, along with Smart Dry, which is also explained in the “How to choose a dishwasher” page.
The Kenmore Elite 12793 sports fully-integrated controls with a hard-surface control panel, as does the Kenmore PRO 12803. The Kenmore Elite has the same handle as all other Kenmore Elite handled appliances, while the Kenmore PRO has the more industrial-looking handle consistent with the rest of the Kenmore PRO line. The Elite has a Kenmore Elite badge at the center-bottom of the door, while the PRO has no badging on the front (the previous generation PRO had a large shiny badge where the Elite has its badge).
The filtration-based disposal system gives these dishwashers quiet operation while maintaining high degrees of efficiency and cleaning. Twice a year (or more often, if necessary), remove the two filter components and rinse them off in the sink, then put them back in. No tools required.
As with all new Whirlpool-built dishwashers, you will require a new hook-up kit, as they use a different adapter to attach the hose than older generation models used. You will definitely not be able to reuse the old adapter. And, really, you ought to replace the inlet hose anyway. The kits are just $15, so make sure you pick one up.
If your kitchen needs a quiet dishwasher that is going to clean everything while saving energy, offering you every possible convenience, and looking good all at the same time, the Kenmore Elite 12793 and Kenmore PRO 12803 should be on your short list of candidates. Check them out today!


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