GE HE Top-Load Washer GTWS8655DMC

Top-Load Washer GTWS8655DMCManufacturer: GE

Let’s look at the GE HE top-load washing machine model GTWS8655DMC. This model is available in white and a dark gray metallic finish.
GE, a long-time laundry also-ran, has thrown out everything that once embodied GE laundry and has started anew, with fresh designs and innovative technology. A huge 5.0 cubic foot capacity can accommodate the largest loads, easily handling king-size comforters and any other garments you might have to wash.
Like most of the other top-of-the-line HE top-loaders on the market, the GTWS8655DMC has a built-in water heater to sanitize towels and sheets, killing the germs and bacteria they harbor. This keeps towels and sheets fresh and odor-free.

This washing machine also has a feature that no other HE top-load washing machine has: STEAM! Yes, you can now use steam in the washer in a vertical platform. Get tough stains out with the power of steam, and take advantage of the stain fighting options built into the controls.
The gentle-close lid won’t come crashing down (like the first generation lower models of this platform, which are being retooled to have the gentle-close lid), and there is a groove along the front of the opening to the washtub, so there isn’t as much discomfort reaching in if someone happens to be pregnant. And, for everyone’s comfort and convenience, the washtub is wider and shallower than most other models, so it’s easier to reach the bottom.

The GTWS8655DMC washer can also communicate with the matching dryer (GTDS855EDMC for electric or GTDS855GDMC for gas) via cable to recommend a best option for drying. You can override this recommendation, but it’s great for people who maybe aren’t so good at doing laundry or are wary of possibly harming their clothes accidentally. And, for even greater convenience, the washer can hold up to two months’ worth of liquid detergent and fabric softener. Just fill the Smart Dispense system with your favorite liquid detergent and fabric softener, and the machine will automatically dispense the proper amount for every load.
If you’re in the market for a new washing machine and you want maximum capacity, maximum stain fighting power, and fantastic ease of use, definitely give this new GE GTWS8655DMC HE top-load washing machine a serious look. GE has made huge strides to improve their HE top-loaders, and it’s a worthwhile option for your laundry room.

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