What is a Master Protection Agreement?

If you’ve already made the wise decision to purchase a Master Protection Agreement, you probably know most of the benefits you get with it. If you have never purchased them, or have never heard of them, you owe it to yourself to learn about this industry-leading service provided exclusively by Sears.

Doesn’t it have a warranty?

Every major appliance comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a promise from the manufacturer to you that if the product you purchased has defects based on their materials or workmanship (i.e., if they did anything wrong), they will assume the costs related to repairing your product.
Unfortunately, a warranty from the manufacturer has a few weaknesses, namely that it:

  • won’t go beyond 1 year (in almost every case)
  • won’t cover cosmetic defects
  • won’t cover normal wear and tear
  • won’t cover maintenance of your appliance
  • won’t cover power surge damage
  • won’t cover rental if repairs take excessively long
  • won’t have unlimited no-charge technical support
  • won’t have convenient repair scheduling call centers
  • won’t cover food loss (for refrigerators and freezers)
  • won’t cover the installation of an in-warranty replacement
  • won’t cover issues that arise with in-warranty replacement items
  • won’t rely upon America’s largest and most trusted repair organization
  • Fortunately, Sears has the solution: Master Protection Agreement.

Master Protection Agreement

With a Master Protection Agreement, your appliance is covered 100% if your appliance has any issues due to defects in manufacture or normal wear and tear for up to 5 years (renewable). You will also have up to 3 years of cosmetic defect protection.

You also have no-charge annual preventive maintenance checks with your Master Protection Agreement. Every year, at your convenience, you can have a Sears technician come to your home and inspect your appliance for (and repair) defects, malfunctions, and potential problems, and give it a tune-up. Or, if the appliance is small, like a vacuum cleaner or microwave oven, you can take it to the nearest Sears repair drop-off. Annual check-ups keep your appliance running as intended by the manufacturer and help keep unnoticed problems from developing into big problems.

A Master Protection Agreement also protects you from unforeseen costs related to appliance repairs, such as renting a replacement during the repair period (or visits to the Laundromat for washer repairs), and the loss of food that can occur if a refrigerator or freezer experiences a failure. Sears will reimburse rental/Laundromat costs upon presentation of a receipt for those services and will reimburse up to $250 per year in food loss due to food storage failures upon presentation of a list of lost food (pictures of lost food also help). Simply call 800 4 MY HOME and ask the representative how to exercise this feature of the Protection Agreement.

And, in our area, where power surges, spikes, and brown-outs are all too common, many appliances are damaged by electrical fluctuations. While a surge suppressor is an important part of protecting your appliances, they are only effective once and must be regularly inspected. Unfortunately, outlets for large appliances are often hard to see, and the surge suppressor would be hidden from view. A Master Protection Agreement will cover any and all damages due to power surges/spikes/brown-outs (the electric company and manufacturer will not cover such damages, and Sears cannot cover them without a Master Protection Agreement).

As for convenience, our call centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always somebody there to take your call. And, the service department is open early in the morning and late at night, so you don’t have to worry about calling at 9 pm and not reaching someone.

Plus, if you had Sears install an appliance covered by a Master Protection Agreement, Sears will install necessary replacement models at no charge to you. You won’t have to pay an electrician, plumber, or both to install the new model replacing the unrepairable one. We take care of it and guarantee the installation for a year. And, the coverage continues onto the new model. You don’t need to purchase a new Master Protection Agreement.

Finally, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your appliance has the nation’s largest and most reputable and trusted maintenance and repair organization standing behind it. Sears continues to be the industry leader in service after the sale, and with over 100,000 professional technicians in our fleet, you can be assured that when the Sears van pulls up and the Sears technician comes in, you are getting service that is second to none. And, if you are not satisfied for any reason, let your local Sears know, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you are taken care of properly.

When you consider the time, effort, and money you’ve invested in selecting the perfect appliance(s) for your home (or tenants), don’t you deserve the comfort and convenience that a Master Protection Agreement provides for just pennies a day?


Does the master protection agreement cover both the old and new appliances?

No matter whether your appliance is old or new, it is covered under Sears master protection agreement.

What is the technical level of the service technicians?

Millions of homes are running because of Sears. We have well-qualified service technicians who can troubleshoot the problems with less or no difficulty.

What is the procedure for renewing the agreement?

You don’t need to do anything to renew the plan. If you have an up-to-date account, our agreement will be renewed automatically.

Can I add newly purchased appliances to my current plan?

Yes, you can add your newly purchased appliances under the coverage. All you need is to call the customer representative number 855-256-2467 to add more appliances.

How much can I save on non-covered repairs?

For your non-covered items, you will get up to a 25% discount on parts and services.


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6 thoughts on “What is a Master Protection Agreement?”

  1. I have been attempting to speak to a Sears customer service representative or any human being for the last 12 days. Whenever I call Sears protection all I get is a machine who keeps disconnecting me and telling me they don’t have my phone number in the system. It’s been the same number for years! I need to speak to someone because I’ve had your contractor come out twice to my home and my machine is still not fixed nor are the parts $143.00 a year to keep my coverage. It doesn’t seem they can fix my washing machine and the warranty says you’ll replace it with a new one. How do I get that if I cannot speak to anyone!
    Please help me. Your contractor here is Chucks Appliance. Phone number is 575-430-0488. two years ago I had someone come out to fix it and they’re no longer in service. I receive no phone calls from the company. I need my washing machine. If I have to go and purchase a new one myself I’ll have to hire an attorney to get my money back.

  2. Hi – I have a master protection plan that is expiring this month and I want to see what I can do to renew it.
    I want to have yearly preventative maintenance for which I can not find the home warranty plans have so please let me know what type of master protection plans are available – thank you

    • You do not need to do anything to renew your contract. If your information is up to date, your agreement will be automatically renewed.

  3. Is my Master Protection Agreement being renewed automatically?

    My contract number is 132354617200070 and currently covers my washer and refrigeration

    • You do not need to do anything to renew your contract. If your information is up to date, your agreement will be automatically renewed.


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