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Kenmore Elite 4.0 cubic foot front-load washer 4147X

Let’s take a look at the Kenmore Elite 4.0 cubic foot front-load washer model 4147X. This model is available in white (41472) and silver (41473). This washer replaces the previous generation Kenmore Elite 41022/41029 (white/red).

kenmore elite front load washer

Like previous Kenmore Elite front-loaders, the 4147X has extremely quiet operation because of its direct-drive motor, suspension system, and bearing rings around the front and back of the washbasket to offset load imbalances. It is also very energy efficient as well as water-efficient, to save you money on your utilities. And, of course, it’s gentle while cleaning your laundry thoroughly, including a Sanitize cycle and steam options for many cycles.

The washer is powered by Smart Motion Technology that offers six different washing motions to take care of and clean every type of fabric. These motions include swinging, saturating, rolling, tumbling, stepping, and scrubbing.

Its 4.0 cubic feet capacity allows you to wash bigger loads at once. You can easily wash more than 40 extra-large T-shirts in a single load.

Something must be different, right? Yes! What changes with this new generation front-load washer are two features. First, there’s a three-port water system (one at the top, one at the lower left, and one at the lower right of the door opening). This system speeds up the process of soaking the laundry and distributing the detergent, which lets the detergent work on the laundry sooner. It also improves rinsing by using higher pressure and multiple directional sprays to rinse more thoroughly than traditional single-port systems.

Kenmore front-load washer with advanced technology

The second feature that changes is Accela-Wash, a combination of wash motions and the three-port water system that reduces wash cycle times by as much as 35%. On the Normal and Casual cycles, Accela-Wash is automatically used. On several other cycles, the Accela-Wash button can be pressed to help speed upcycles if you wish.

Other than these features, this washer also comes with Kenmore Connect technology. This smart technology sends the diagnostic data over the phone to the call center representative. This helps the technicians to solve the problems faster and easier without going to the customer’s place.

This washer has been extremely popular since its introduction due to its price, features, and shorter wash times. Give it a look and see if you don’t agree that it’s a great washing machine!


What is the maximum spinning speed of the Kenmore Elite 4.0 washer?

The maximum spinning speed of this washer is 1200 RPM (Revolutions per Minute).

What is the size of the washer?

It is 27 inches wide, 29.75 inches deep, and 38.68 inches in height.

What is the warranty period of this machine?

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty, including parts and labor.

Is this washer energy star certified?

Yes, it is an energy-star qualified product.

How many water temperatures the washer has?

It has 5 wash/rinse water temperatures.

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