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Samsung RF31FMESBSR 31 cubic foot French Door Refrigerator

After a long hiatus, the Appliance Nerd is back!

Currently, the buyers get a variety of brands in refrigerators such as Samsung, Kenmore, and many others.

Today we’re looking at the Samsung RF31FMESBSR French door refrigerator. It is available in stainless steel.

As is standard with Samsung French door refrigerators, the RF31FMESBSR has dual evaporators, which separate the air in the refrigerator from the air in the freezer. No garlic/onion ice cream for you!

RF31FMESBSR Refrigerator by Samsung

The Samsung RF31FMESBSR boasts a large 31 cubic foot capacity, with plenty of refrigerator cabin space for all your fresh foods. In addition, it’s a “counter height” model, meaning it has an externally accessible pantry drawer whose upper edge lines up with the bottom edge of the counter-top for a more seamless look in your kitchen. As with all Samsung French door refrigerators, all horizontal handles (pantry and freezer) are hinged at the door so pegs will push the door open as you pull, releasing the seal from the body of the refrigerator.

The freezer is copious, with a full 9 cubic feet of capacity. That’s plenty of room for a turkey, a ham, frozen hamburgers, TV dinners, ice cream, and whatever else you’re planning to cram in there.

The refrigerator cabin houses the ice-maker, which dispenses through the left door, as is standard in most French door refrigerators. It can easily accommodate up to 31 grocery bags. This will save your time and trips to the grocery stores.

The FlexZone drawer is one of the coolest features of this Samsung refrigerator. With four different temperature settings, the drawer allows you to set different temperatures for your different food items. The smart divider option helps you organize your food items the way you like, where each compartment has its own temperature setting.

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Consistent with all Samsung French door refrigerators, the ice-maker is inside the cabin rather than mounted on the door. The ice maker can easily produce up to 10 pounds of ice every day with a storage capacity of 4.2 pounds to help you make chilled drinks for your family and friends. You can get both the crushed and cubed ice according to your needs.

There is a flip-shelf attached to the side of the ice-maker for enhanced loading flexibility. It also has water dispensing on the door. And, the dispenser area is lit by an LED which can be turned on or off as you like. In addition, both the freezer and the fridge have LED lights to help you see every corner of the refrigerator. These energy-efficient LED lights use less energy and offer a brighter experience. Moreover, an alarm system tells you to close the door if it is opened for too long to save energy.

But, what sets this model apart from the rest of the pack is that it incorporates a SodaStream carbonation cartridge in the door. That means you can dispense filtered, CARBONATED water! Make your own soda with a dash of soda syrup and cold, clean, bubbly water straight from the fridge. No more bottles! No more cans! No more mess! Save money on soft drinks. Have energy drinks whenever you want. Diet soda on demand. And, you can send the cartridges back to SodaStream to exchange for refilled cartridges. Super easy.

If you want a huge capacity, you like French door design, and your household enjoys having soft drinks, the Samsung RF31FMESBSR is an excellent refrigerator to consider.


What is the weight and size of this Samsung refrigerator?

Samsung RF31FMESBSR weighs 408 pounds, and it is 37.88 inches in length, 35.75 inches wide, and 70 inches in height.

What type of filter does Samsung RF31FMESBSR use?

It uses a Samsung DA29-00020B filter to give you clean and pure water without any impurities. Whether you want to dispense regular or sparkling water, you will get filtered water. Even the ice maker uses filtered water to make ice.

How many door bins this model has?

This Samsung refrigerator comes with six door bins, three on the left and three on the right. The left door bins are of regular size, whereas the right side bins are of 1 gallon.

Can I dispense carbonated and still filtered water at the same time?

Yes, you can dispense carbonated and still water at the same time. The refrigerator has two different paddles. One gives you carbonated water, and the other one gives you still filtered water.

Is Samsung Refrigerator Energy Star certified?

Yes, Samsung RF31FMESBSR is Energy Star certified.

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