Things people say: “My Bosch dishwasher doesn’t dry my dishes!”

If you’ve had a Bosch dishwasher, or know someone who has, you may have said or heard that it doesn’t dry dishes properly. When lots of people say a machine doesn’t work properly, the cause usually comes down to one of two possibilities: the machine doesn’t work properly, or the machine isn’t being used properly. While it’s not impossible for the machine to work incorrectly, we always want to eliminate the human factor. And, in this case, it’s almost always the human factor.

American dishwashers use a heating element to blast dishes with heat when the rinse is over. The dishes get hot, and the water radiates away as steam.

use heat element for dishwasher

European dishwashers don’t work this way. For a European dishwasher like a Bosch to dry properly, there are three important things that must be done.

Finish Jet Dry for dishwasher

1: ALWAYS use rinse-aid, like Finish Jet-Dry or similar products. Rinse-aids decrease the surface tension of water to allow for effective sheeting and reduced spotting. If your detergent has a rinse-aid built into it, like Finish Powerball tablets or Cascade Platinum Pacs, there is no need for a separate rinse-aid to be used.

2: ALWAYS use the Auto Wash cycle. This cycle tends to be longer than the time-based cycles, which will keep the dishes hotter for longer.

Dishwasher wash cycle

3: ALWAYS use the Sanitizing Rinse option. This will spray the dishes with an extra-hot batch of water at the end of the rinse cycle to leave the dishes as hot as possible for drying.

Why do we have to always – ALWAYS – do these things? It has to do with how these dishwashers dry the dishes. The heating element isn’t exposed like it is on an American dishwasher. Instead, the element is below the floor of the tub, where the water is heated. This means the element can’t be used to heat the dishes to dry them. So, how do they dry? Condensation.

After the three “ALWAYS” steps are followed, the tub will cool before the contents. The water on the hot dishes will radiate to the cooler walls where it will condense and drain out of the dishwasher. Without using all three “ALWAYS” steps, the water won’t leave the dishes as easily, or they won’t be hot enough to allow for the water to radiate off the dishes. When the three “ALWAYS” steps are done regularly, there is no issue with drying in a Bosch dishwasher. On my honour, I promise! 🙂

In the extremely rare case, you’re following these basic steps but continue to have drying issues with your Bosch dishwasher, I recommend having a technician examine your dishwasher. But, definitely make sure these three “ALWAYS” steps are being done first. It’s much easier to use it properly (and MUCH cheaper) than to have someone come out to say the same thing.

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