5 Ways to Fix Samsung Washer Error Code U6

Samsung error code U6 indicates an imbalance in the washer’s drum. The Ub error code also represents the same issue. If your washer is loaded unevenly, the U6 code will appear on display. Thus, you should distribute your laundry evenly into the washer to remove this code.

In some older models of the Samsung washer, this error is indicated by E4 but is the same as U6. It shows that the washer drum is out of balance, and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Error code U6

Fixing Ways for Samsung Washer Error Code U6

Usually, Samsung washers have various balancing methods. These methods are manual and automatic. If the automatic balancing of the washer fails, then an error code U6 will appear on display. At this moment, you need to balance your washer manually.

Besides error code appearance, you will also notice that your laundry comes out wet. This indicates an imbalance inside the washer’s tub. Most washers start vibrating when they face any imbalance inside them. This vibration can cause damage to the washer. Therefore, you need to fix this issue promptly.

Here are the 5 fixing methods for the U6 error code appearing on a Samsung washer.

1. Balance the Load

Balancing the load is the key to efficient and proper cleaning of your laundry. If your Samsung washer’s load is not balanced, it will not spin correctly. As a result, your clothes will become tangled or be torn apart. Uneven load causes an irregular centrifugal force inside the washer. It will eventually lead to the shaky movement of the washer. In the end, the U6 error code will appear on your display.

To cope with this issue, you have to distribute your load inside the Samsung washer evenly. Always add fewer light items and a heavy fabric item for a washing cycle. Adding the same type of load will cause them to pile up against each other inside the washer. It will become hard to detangle them also.

load balance

Thus, always run a washing cycle with a mixed load, including light and heavy fabrics. Also, keep in mind that every washer has a specific capacity. So, it would help if you didn’t overload your washer more than its capacity. Keep your load even with a recommended piece of laundry to get rid of the U6 error code.

2. Level the Washer

Leveling the washer is necessary if you want it to work correctly. An un-level washer will hinder the spinning movement and disrupts the working. This could also be the reason behind error code U6. Thus, you should check all four corners of the washing machine. Solid grounds are preferable to level washers than carpeted floors.

Top-load washing machine requires a flat surface to work perfectly. If your washer is present on a pedestal, then you can level it manually by adjusting the washer’s feet.

The front-load washing machine has adjustable feet. You can fine-tune leveling with the help of these adjustable feet. You can also remove the lock nut present on each foot and adjust its height according to the needs.

3. Take Out Shipping Material

Another possible cause for error U6 is the presence of a shipping bolt inside the washer. It happens when you purchase the new washer and install it by yourself. There is a high chance that you forget to remove the shipping bolt. Thus, this bolt now causes a hindrance in the spinning movement of the washer. Moreover, you will also hear unusual noises from your Samsung washer.

To resolve this problem, you just have to remove the bolt from the washer to resume its normal working. Also, if you purchase a new washing machine, then be very careful while removing its shipping material. Remove bolts, metal spacers, rubber caps, and black clumps carefully before starting the washer.

4. Replace the Faulty Shock Absorbers

Samsung washers have two or four shock absorbers that protect them from excessive shocks and vibrations during spinning. These shock absorbers allow your washer’s drum to spin freely. They protect the machine from damaging itself. If they get damaged, our washer will display an error code U6.

shock absorbers

The shock absorbers are attached to the washer’s outer tub and base frame. You have to remove the rear or front panel to access them. After accessing and inspecting them, they should be replaced if you find them broken. Call a professional to replace them. The shock absorbers of Samsung washers usually cost around $25-$60.

5. Change Damaged Suspension Springs

Suspension springs in both front and top load washers ensure their vibration-free movement. These suspension springs are mostly found under or above the washer’s tub. They help hold the washer’s tub above the base. Any defect in the suspension springs will result in the appearance of error code U6 on your Samsung washer.

suspension spring

Check the suspension springs thoroughly. Make sure they are connected firmly and also in good working condition. But if they are broken or damaged, you should replace them with new ones.

Final Words… 

U6 error code in the Samsung washer usually indicates unbalancing of the laundry items present inside it, but there could be other reasons also. The methods to remove error code U6 from your washers are mentioned above. I hope you will find this guide helpful. You may ask freely in the comment section below if you have any queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix the U6 error code on the Samsung washer in one easy step?

The easiest and simplest way to fix the U6 error code on the Samsung washer is to balance the load. If your load is unbalanced, then it will cause tangles in the clothes. You will have to distribute your load evenly into the washer to remove the error. Always run a cycle with a mixed load with heavy and lightweight fabrics.

2. Can you reset the Samsung washer after error codes?

Yes, the simple way to reset the Samsung washer is to unplug it from the power source. Wait for at least 5 minutes. Then, plug in the washer again to restore the power supply. This is the closest you can do to reset your washer.

3. How can you level your top-load Samsung washer?

Leveling a top-load Samsung washer is quite easy. First, you have to add water to the washer’s tub below the pulsator level. If the pulsator is not positioned at the center of the water, you need to level your washer. You can balance it by turning the front-level feet in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions as required.


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