7 Troubleshooting Ways for Maytag Washer That Won’t Start

Maytag is one of the oldest home appliances brands that introduced its first washer in 1907. This American-based company makes high-end washing machines that meet every homeowner’s needs. But if your Maytag washer stops during mid-cycle, or it doesn’t even start, then it could be problematic.

We know how frustrating it is to see your washer stuck during its cycle. Therefore, we will provide you with some basic troubleshooting methods for your Maytag washer through this guide. Now you don’t have to immediately rush toward your technician or make a call to customer service. Instead, you can troubleshoot your washer by following methods.

1. Check the Control Lock

Every Maytag washer has a control lock feature. This feature prevents you from using the washer when it is plugged in. It gets activated when you press the Start button or Lock/Unlock button for three or more seconds. As the name suggests, this feature locks all the functions, preventing an accidental start.

Control Lock

If you cannot start your washer, its control lock could be a possible reason. Thus, you need to turn off this lock by pressing and holding the Lock/Unlock or Start button for 3 seconds. You have to keep it until the display lights turn off.

If the control lock feature still doesn’t turn off, press the Delay or Delay/Start Rinse buttons for at least 10 seconds. It will deactivate the control lock feature from your Maytag washer.

2. Check the Start Button

Another possible cause why your washer is not starting is the stuck start button. Sometimes a foreign material or obstacle doesn’t allow the start button to work. If this is the case, you need to remove that blockage around the start button.

You will have to apply slight pressure to the areas around the start button. You can also tap instead of using pressure around the start button. It will help dislodge the obstacle that was stuck in the start button. Now, your button will be functionally active again.

3. Correct Your Washer’s Settings

Sometimes, if you mistakenly select the wrong settings from the control panel, your washer won’t start. For example, if delay start is activated and you expect your washer to run, but the delay start timer is still in processing, the cycle will not start. You will have to end the delay start timer to continue washing before time.

Besides this, also check that your washer door is completely closed before starting a cycle. If your door is not locked correctly, the cycle won’t start.

You can change your Maytag washer’s settings. Select the “Adjust Cycle” option to choose the right cycle for your washing load. Also, troubleshoot it by pressing the start button for at least three seconds. Now you can start your washing cycle.

Maytag washer settings

4. Inspect and Replace the Faulty Lid Switch

The lid switch is also called a door switch or kick plate switch in other brands’ washers than Maytag. But the function of these switches is the same as they prevent the washer from running if the lid is not over the washer. Or in another case, if the lid is not closed correctly, the lid switch will not allow the washer to turn on. This switch is located close to the main door of the washer.

Close the washer’s lid; if you hear a click sound, then it means the lid switch is working well. But if you don’t hear any clicking sound or your door is not closing correctly, then it may be the lid switch responsible for your washer not starting.

Scrutinize the lid switch. Sometimes, after its breakage, it gets stuck inside the door hinge. You need to remove the plastic tab from the door hinge. Use a flathead screwdriver for this purpose. If you find that your lid switch is broken, you will have to replace it with the new one.

5. Change the Broken Timer

The timer in the Maytag washer controls all the spinning functions. It also controls the washing cycles of the washer until they get completed. Moreover, it also monitors the optimum water level in the washer’s tub. It adds more water to compensate the loss of water through evaporation.

The entire timer mechanism in the Maytag washer has various springs and gears. Over time, these springs and gears wear out and damage. Slowly, the timer loses its efficiency, and the washer will not start at the end.

To troubleshoot this issue, you have to change the timer assembly. But it’s not simple that you can do it by yourself. Instead, you should call a professional to change the broken timer assembly for your washer. A timer costs between $50-$150 usually.

6. Replace the Faulty Motor

The Maytag washer motor is located near the bottom of the tub. The buildup in the motor in the form of lint or calcium sediments causes different faults. If you hear a humming sound when your washer is plugged in, it means your washer is faulty.

To check the motor, you require a multimeter. Touch the multimeter’s probes with the terminals of the motor to confirm whether the motor is damaged or not. If your washer’s motor is faulty, then you should replace it. Replacing of motor should be left to a professional because it’s tricky

7. Check the Control Board 

Every washer has the main control board, which is also called a user board. Maytag washers have a display control board. If this board is defective, then your washer will not start. The control board is situated behind the main panel inside the top of the washer. This board has different buttons for drying and washing. If a button is not lightened up upon pressing, it means it is faulty.

If you want to access the control board, you will have to unplug the washer first. Then unscrew the control panel with a screwdriver. Now check the continuity of the control board with a multimeter. If you find no continuity, then it means you need a new control board.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset the Maytag washer?

Resetting of Maytag washer is relatively easy. You will have to press the Power/Cancel button. Then run a new cycle. After that, press the Start/Pause button, and your washer will reset.

2. Will your Maytag washer work without a lid lock?

The lid lock is a safety mechanism that is present in Maytag washers. The lid lock aims to prevent any unpleasant incident or injuries to anyone present near the washer. Without a lid lock, the washer will not start.

3. Why is the Maytag washer not starting?

The most common reason behind the not starting Maytag washer is that the washer door is not shut correctly. It would help if you close the door properly and let the door latch engage for a few seconds. After that, start the washer again and run a cycle.


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