Bosch Dishwasher Silence Plus 44 DBA Troubleshooting

Many people own dishwashers for effective and hygienic cleaning of their dishes. But sometimes, people face problems while using the machine. The immediate thing to do is find the solution to the problem. This article covers all the Bosch silence plus 44 dBA dishwasher problems with reasons and solutions.

Problem No. 1

The dishwasher doesn’t clean the dishes properly

dishwasher not washing


  • Lack of space between the dishes
  • Obstruction in the spray arm nozzles
  • Blockage in the spray arm movement
  • The amount of detergent used is not according to the hardness of water
  • Wrong selection of the wash cycle
  • Clogged filters


  1. There must be enough space between the dishes so that the water spray can reach evenly to each item.
  2. Check the nozzles of the spray arm. If the food debris has clogged the nozzles, remove it so that the nozzles can work freely.
  3. Clear away any blockage that is limiting the movement of the spray arm.
  4. If your incoming water is too hard and you are not using the required amount of detergent, you will face this problem. Increase the detergent amount if the incoming water is hard for excellent cleaning performance.
  5. First, inspect how dirty your dishes are and then select the wash cycle accordingly.
  6. Check and clean the filters.

Problem No. 2

The dishwasher takes more time than usual to finish cleaning

Temperature panel of dishwasher


  • No rinse aid in the dispenser
  • The dishes are dirtier
  • The incoming water is cold


  1. Add rinse aid to reduce the amount of time the machine takes to complete the cycle.
  2. If the dishes are too dirty, the machine will take more time to offer a good wash. So, wait for it.
  3. Attach the dishwasher to the hot water line.

Problem No. 3

The dishwasher stinks


  • The dishwasher stinks when you leave the dishes for too long inside the machine
  • A clogged drain hose causes bacteria to build up that creates a disgusting odor.
  • The water from the last cycle has not drained completely
  • The bottom of the dishwasher is filled with food debris


  1. Always load the dishwasher when you need to start the wash cycle immediately. If not, run the rinse/hold cycle to avoid the unpleasant odor.
  2. Remove the drain hose and check if food particles or food debris are stuck in the hose. If yes, clean the hose and rinse it with running water.
  3. Check the bottom of the dishwasher to find any remaining water from the last cycle. If there is some water, find the blockage and remove it for proper drainage.
  4. Check the filters to remove any food debris and then rinse them with water.

Problem No. 4

The dishwasher makes noise during the wash cycle


  • Improper loading of the dishes in the dishwasher


When the dishes come in contact with each other or the spray arm, you hear the banging sound coming out of the dishwasher. This happens when you load the dishes improperly. To avoid this, never overload your dishwasher so that the dishes can’t get in contact with each other or the spray arm. Use the same solution to fix the error in Bosch DLX Series Dishwasher as well.

Problem No. 5

Dishwasher leaves marks on the glassware


  • Incorrect use of the rinse aid causes the machine to leave marks on the glassware


The only solution for this problem is to add the rinse aid according to the water hardness.

Problem No. 6

Drying issues with the dishwasher

dishes aren't getting dried


  • Defective vent fan motor
  • When you load the dishes incorrectly, you face drying issues
  • No rinse aid in the dispenser
  • You have selected the wrong cycle that has no drying option


  1. Check the motor of the vent fan that may be defective and that’s causing this problem.
  2. Hot air needs space to easily circulate and reach every dish item. When you load the dishes too close to each other, it blocks the hot air. Therefore, never try to overload your dishwasher with different utensils.
  3. If there is no rinse aid in the dispenser, add some for effective drying.
  4. You have selected the rinse/hold cycle that has no drying feature.

Problem No. 7

The dishwasher fails to start


  • No water supply
  • You have mistakenly activated the delay start function
  • The previous cycle has not completed yet
  • The machine is off
  • You have closed the door without selecting the wash cycle


  1. Turn on the water supply so that the machine can start to function.
  2. Resetting the delay start function is the only solution.
  3. Cancel the previous wash cycle and select the new one.
  4. Turn on the main power switch.
  5. Always select the wash cycle first and then close the door.

Problem No. 8

Water fails to enter inside the dishwasher


  • The previous wash cycle is in progress
  • The delay start option is on
  • Obstruction in the water supply line


  1. Cancel the previous wash cycle
  2. Turn off the delay start option to allow the water to enter the dishwasher tank.
  3. Remove the blockage from the water supply line to fill the tank.

Problem No. 9

Water leakage problem


  • Suds are responsible for water leakage
  • A damaged door seal
  • Obstruction in the condensation vent
  • The machine is not installed correctly


  1. Suds are formed because of using a detergent not made for automatic dishwashers. Also, when you use too much detergent, suds are formed that causes water to leak. Therefore, always check the amount and type of detergent before adding it to the dishwasher.
  2. Replace the door seal if it is damaged.
  3. Check the condensation vent and remove any blockage to avoid water leakage problem.
  4. Incorrect installation of the dishwasher also causes water to leak. Call a qualified person to install your machine properly.

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  1. I have a Bosch silencer 44 dba dishwasher that dosen’t light up on control panel. Icheck the voltage going to the on/off switch and it shows 11 volts. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  2. My 18 month old Bosch Silence Plus 44. The front of the dishwasher has streaks that will not come out! And the on/off button ,the finish has come off……disappointed

  3. The bottom of the dish washer filled with water when the dishwasher was off. Tried to turn it off, no lights on the controls, unplugged it to turn it off. Leaked out on floor. I scooped out all the water, took out the filter, it was not dirty. Plugged it in, could hear it running but still no lights on controls and they don’t work. Unplugged it.


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