Getting to Know Your New Dishwasher

Important things to know about a new dishwasher

Congratulations on purchasing a new dishwasher. Because most people haven’t purchased a dishwasher in the last 5-10 years, it’s important to realize that technology has come quite a long way. Today’s dishwashers are quieter, more water and energy-efficient, and offer more options than ever. To help you navigate all the changes in dishwasher technology, please … Read more

Things people say: “My washing machine doesn’t use enough water!”

Washer does not get sufficient level of water

Today’s washing machines are water- and energy-efficient, quiet, with greater capacities and better cleaning power than ever before. Yet, there’s a common, though not prevalent, refrain: “they don’t use enough water!” Well, before I get into why they do, I’ll get into why the old machines used so much. To make sense of this, let’s … Read more

What is a Master Protection Agreement?

MPA for appliances

If you’ve already made the wise decision to purchase a Master Protection Agreement, you probably know most of the benefits you get with it. If you have never purchased them, or have never heard of them, you owe it to yourself to learn about this industry-leading service provided exclusively by Sears. Doesn’t it have a … Read more