Why Samsung Dryer Is Not Spinning? Here is a Fixing Guide!

Samsung dryers complement the washers with multiple drying features. These dryers have a large capacity and advanced technology for spinning. But, it is surely frustrating if your Samsung dryer is not spinning the clothes. Especially if the dryer stops working during the cycle, it will be a nightmare.

Most people don’t know why the spinning movement of the dryer is stopped. But if you have a Samsung dryer you must know the causes and solutions behind its not spinning movement, to resume its working process.

8 Reasons Why Samsung Dryer Is Not Spinning

If you own a Samsung dryer, you must know how to troubleshoot it. Here are the common causes that stop a Samsung dryer from spinning and their solutions also.

1. The Drive Belt Is Broken

The drive belt is a slender and long strap that wraps around the dryer drum, tension pulley and drive motor pulley. This belt helps in the smooth running of the drive motor. Over time, the belt gets damaged or worn out. So, it broke down in the end and hindered the dryer’s motion.


To confirm if the belt is broken, you need to reach out to the drum. Turn the drum by hand. If the drum spins very easily, the belt is broken. You can also reach the belt and inspect it for confirmation. If you find that the belt is broken, you should replace it. Call a technician to replace the drive belt.

drive belt

2. Child Lock Is On 

Child lock hinders the start button from processing. Thus, if the child lock is on and you are trying to start a cycle by pressing the button, it wouldn’t help. The child lock icon varies depending upon the model of your dryer. Mostly, the icon looks like a baby, or it could be a lock with a smiling face.


To resolve this issue, you have to turn off the child lock. You can read the user manual for turning off the child lock. You should find any two buttons on your user manual that you will have to press and hold for at least 3 seconds. In this way, the child lock will be turned off.

You can reset your dryer by plugging it off or turning the circuit breaker off. After waiting for 3-4 minutes, you have to plug in the dryer again to resume working.

child lock

3. Faulty Drum Roller

Some drum rollers are present on the rear of the dryer’s drum, while some are present at the front of the drum. These rollers have to spin freely for their proper functioning. But any fault in these rollers will cause malfunctioning in the drum. As a result, the dryer will stop spinning.


You have to check if the spinning stops due to faulty drum rollers or not. For this purpose, you should remove the dryer belt and try to turn the drum manually. If it doesn’t rotate freely, the drum rollers or supporters are faulty. The rollers will not rotate freely, and in this case, you have to replace them.

It’s better to replace all the rollers at once rather than changing only one of two drum rollers. Before replacing the rollers, you should clean the shaft. Get professional help by calling a technician to replace drum rollers.

drum roller

4. Damaged Drum Bearings

The purpose of the drum bearing is to support the rear of the dryer drum. The drum bearings wear out with time and start putting too much strain on the motor. It will stop the dryer mid-way.


You should check if the drum bearings are faulty or not. For this purpose, reach out to the drum and remove the belt. Now, start turning the drum with your hand. If the drum makes grinding sounds while turning or it will become hard to turn, then it means the drum bearing is damaged or faulty. You should replace the drum bearings to start your dryer spinning again.

5. Faulty Drive Motor 

The drive motor of the dryer turns the blower wheels for a spinning motion to dry your clothes. A fault in the drive motor will stop the dryer from spinning.


You have to be sure if the problem is with the drive motor or not. So, set the dryer at high-heat settings and press the start button. If you hear any noise after starting the dryer, then it means something is blocking the drive motor from working. In this case, you should fix this problem by replacing the faulty drive motor with the new one. Call a professional to replace the drive motor of your dryer.

6. Tripping of Fuses

Samsung dryers have two fuses mostly. One fuse helps operate the drum while the other one regulates the safety level of heat-producing in the dryer. If either of the fuse trips, the dryer will not be able to work anymore.


If any fuses tripped down, you have to replace it with the new one. Replacing a fuse is relatively easier than replacing any other dryer part. You can replace the fuses by following the given easy steps.

  • Unplug the dryer from power sources.
  • Remove the front panel and locate the fuse box with screws on both sides.
  • Remove the screws with a screwdriver and lift the lid.
  • Now, remove the blown fuses with their metal prongs from the fuse box.
  • Replace the faulty fuses with the new ones correctly in the fuse box.
  • You can also use electrical tape to ensure the new fuses stay in place by wrapping the tape around them.
  • Reassemble the fuse box, screws, and lid.
  • Plugin the dryer to check whether it starts working or not.

thermal fuses

7. Damaged Drum Glide

Drum glides, also known as drum slides, are small plastic pieces that support the drum front. These plastic pieces help the drum in sliding. With time, these drum glides will get old and worn out. As a result, the drum will put a strain on the motor. Moreover, the motor will shut down, and the dryer will not spin.


Inspect the drum glides to check whether they are damaged or not. If they are worn out, then replace them with new ones. Take professional help to change drum glides.

8. Dryness Control Board

The purpose of the dryness control board is to shut off the dryer when clothes are dried out. Any fault in the control board will shut down the dryness control board early; thus dryer can’t spin. But this happens rarely.


Check all other possible causes first before changing the dryness control board. If all other parts of the dryer are working fine, then it should be the faulty dryness control board. Replace the damaged board with the new one carefully.

Final Words…

If the Samsung dryer is not spinning, then you can take help from this guide to find out the possible causes and their solutions to resolving the issue. If your dryer still does not spin, you should call a professional for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use a dryer with a broken belt?

If your dryer belt is broken, then it means that the dryer drum will no longer tumble the clothes in the dryer’s tub to the hot air. So, it means that clothes will not dry out even if the electric motor or heater continues to function. Thus, using a dryer with a broken belt is useless because it won’t dry clothes.

2. What is the average lifespan of a Samsung dryer?

The average lifespan of a Samsung dryer is between 18-24 years. At the same time, a Samsung washer can last between 12-14 years.

3. How much is the average cost of fixing a Samsung dryer that is not spinning?

The fixing cost for the Samsung dryer depends on the problem or the faulty part. For example, if you have to replace a thermostat, then it will cost $150. Similarly, the door latch can be fixed for $50 only, while a faulty motor will be replaced for $450. So, the average cost of repairing a Samsung dryer could be $150-$350.

4. Should a dryer motor spin freely?

For a dryer to work correctly, its drive motor must spin freely. With time, the drum roller axles on the motor get old and cause drum rollers to bind. As a result, the motor will be overloaded, and the dryer will not start.

5. Why does a Samsung dryer stop spinning?

Your Samsung dryer will stop spinning mostly, if the drum rollers are worn out or damaged. Besides this, a broken dryer belt, worn-out drum bearing, and faulty drive motor could be the other common causes for not spinning of your Samsung dryer.


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