How to Remove Ice Maker and Glass Shelf from Samsung Refrigerator

The refrigerator in your home keeps everyone happy and bellies filled. But when you have a Samsung refrigerator, it goes a step further to keep everything fresh and chilled just like the way you like it. Its advanced features, quick cooling, ice making, and spacious storage makes Samsung refrigerator the first choice of millions of Americans.

Regardless of the make and model, every refrigerator needs time to time maintenance and cleaning to keep it working smoothly. A simple refrigerator without an ice maker and glass shelf is easy to clean and maintain. However, when it comes to Samsung French door refrigerators with an ice maker, things get tricky. You may have to remove the ice maker for cleaning, troubleshooting, or replacing it, and calling for professional help isn’t always a good idea.

So, in this article, we will discuss how you can remove the ice maker and glass shelf from a Samsung refrigerator.

Let’s begin our discussion by removing the ice maker from a Samsung Refrigerator!

How to Remove Ice Maker from a Samsung Refrigerator

The following steps will walk you through the ice maker removal process. Please note that it may take some time, depending on your model and how long it takes to defrost the ice maker.

Step 1: Defrosting the Unit

Step 1 Defrosting the Unit

If you have a manually defrosting unit, turn off the power button and let the unit defrost. You must plan this activity at a time when your refrigerator is scarcely loaded, or you can adjust the items in another machine for the time being.

Hold the Energy Saver and Refrigerator button together for 8 seconds if you have a digital machine. You will hear a beep once you press the buttons and another beep after 8 seconds. The second beep will confirm that the machine has gone in forced defrost mode. The control panel may display “Fd” written on the screen.

The defrosting process may vary from one model to another, so keeping the user manual handy while performing this task is better.

It will take around 5-10 minutes for the unit to defrost in this mode. The time for manual defrost depends on the quantity of ice, ambient temperature, and what means you use to aid the process. Make sure that you don’t use a hairdryer or heat to speed up the process. You can turn on the ceiling fan or direct a pedestal towards your refrigerator.

Step 2: Power off the Unit

Step 2 Power off the Unit

The next step is to power off the unit. You can simply unplug the power cord or turn off the breaker if you can’t reach the plug.

Some models can also be turned off by pressing the energy saver and freezer button together for 8 seconds. However, experts suggest that it is better to cut off the power to avoid mishaps.

Step 3: Removing the Ice Bucket

Step 3 Removing the Ice Bucket

Next up is removing the ice bucket from the unit. The exact mechanism depends on the model you have.

In some machines, you just lift the ice bucket and pull it out.

Some models have a button at the top corner of the ice bucket that you press to release the ice bucket.

Pro Tip: The exact details of removing each part are available in your model’s respective user manual. Keep it with you while performing any maintenance or repair task on your refrigerator.

Step 4: Removing the Wire Housing Cover and Wire Harness

Step 4 Removing the Wire Housing Cover

You now need to remove the exposed wire housing cover. To do this, use a screwdriver or a battery-operated screwdriver if you have one with you.

Once the screw is removed, pull the wire cover out, and it will come out without using any force.

With the cover removed, you will be able to see the wire harnesses. Press the locking tab and unplug the wire harness.

Be gentle with the wire harness as you don’t want to damage any wire or part of the harness.

Step 5: Remove the Ice Tray Duct

Once the wires are successfully removed, the next step is to remove the screw for the ice tray duct. Use the same screwdriver you used earlier to remove the wire housing cover.

Step 5 Remove the Ice Tray Duct

After removing the screw on the ice tray duct, grab a flathead screwdriver and insert it in the little slot on the left side of the screw, as shown in the image below.

Step 5 Remove the Ice Tray Duct 2

Pry the tray to the right side.  Be gentle with the whole process as extra force and squeezing can damage the parts.

When the tray moves to the right-hand side, pull it down gently.

Step 5 Remove the Ice Tray Duct 3

Once the tray is down, make sure that there is no ice on the parts behind it or on the coil you see after pulling the tray down.

Step 6: Prying the Coil Down

This is the most critical and sensitive step of the entire process. Once you are sure there is no ice on the coil or any other part behind the ice tray, you will need to pry the coil down.

But before you do this, make sure that you don’t try chipping off any ice or cleaning it as this may puncture the coil, and you will have a big and costly repair on your hand.

Take a flat head screwdriver and insert it above the coil to pull it down. Make sure that the edge of the screwdriver is not on the middle or below the coil. It must be above the coil.

Step 6 Prying the Coil Down

Pry down the coil. It may need some force. You need to pry down the coil just enough that it will stay in its place when you slide out the ice maker. The image below shows what it looks like.

Step 6 Prying the Coil Down 2

Step 7: Release the Ice Maker

Step 7 Release the Ice Maker

Contrary to what it seems like, this is one of the easiest steps in the entire removal process.

You can do this by pressing the depress button on the top of the ice maker to release the ice maker.

Once you press the locking tab, hold the ice maker with both hands and gently pull out the ice maker. This may require some juggling, so be gentle and be careful.

While you pull out, make sure that the coil under the ice maker is free and is not getting pushed or touching anything. If the coil is damaged or gets deformed, it can affect the cooling process of the entire machine.

Step 8: Reinstalling the Ice Maker

Ice makers can’t be repaired. If you have a new ice maker with you, start reinstalling it by following the steps from the last one. Ensure you take special care while working with the coil and don’t over-exert anything.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Samsung Ice Maker isn’t Making Ice?

Sometimes the ice maker may stop making ice due to some simple problems that can be dealt with by fixing simple issues.

Check the following to troubleshoot your Samsung Ice Maker

Ice Maker Power: Make sure that the ice maker is turned on. Do it from the digital settings if your machine has a control panel. There will be a power switch on the ice maker if it comes with manual controls. Turning it on will turn the ice maker on, and you will start getting ice soon.

Low Water Pressure: If the water pressure in the water lines is low, the ice maker can stop making ice. Check the water pressure in your home before trying any other method.

Dirty Water Filter: Most Samsung refrigerators with an ice maker have a water filter. The ice maker may not work optimally if the water filter is dirty, clogged, or needs replacement. Hence, it is better to check it as well. Most of the latest machines turn on the check filter light if the filter gets blocked or needs replacement.

How can I reset the ice maker on Samsung Refrigerator?

You can reset the Samsung ice maker by simply pressing the test button located under the ice maker. Hold the button for a few seconds as the ice maker runs a testing cycle.

Read more

How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator after Power Outage?

Can I repair a Samsung Ice Maker?

Samsung installs high-quality parts in its refrigerators. An ice maker usually doesn’t malfunction or go bad, but it cannot be repaired if something goes wrong with it.

That’s all about removing the Samsung ice maker. Let’s discuss removing the glass shelf from a Samsung ice maker.

How to Remove the Glass Shelf from Samsung Refrigerator?

How to Remove the Glass Shelf from Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are made to last, and they are extremely durable machines. However, they are delicate as well. One issue that we commonly hear from buyers is the broken glass shelf above crisper drawers. Users don’t follow the right way of removing it and end up with damaged or shattered glass.

However, you can avoid this problem if you know how to remove it. This section of the article will discuss how you can remove the glass shelf from your Samsung refrigerator. Many people face problems while removing the crisper drawer glass shelf because Samsung isn’t very clear on instructions on how to remove glass shelves from its refrigerators.

Please note that turning off the refrigerator is not necessary for removing the glass shelf. Moreover, if you follow the instructions given below precisely, you don’t need to take help from the user manual.

Step 1: Removing the Drawers

Start by removing both drawers under the glass shelf. The drawers may come out straight out in some models, and you may need to angle them slightly towards the center of the fridge as you pull them out. Remove all the items on top of the glass shelf.

PRECAUTIONARY TIP: Whatever you do, don’t pry or mess with the little clips on top of the glass shelf towards the end of the glass. These clips hold the glass part in the plastic part. If you force them or remove them, you can break the glass and hurt yourself.


The purpose of taking out the glass shelf is to remove the whole piece and then take out the glass part, clean it and insert it back.

Step 2: Removing the Glass Shelf

Step 2 Removing the Glass Shelf

The next step is to remove the glass shelf. This step requires you to use some force. Follow the guidelines below to complete this step.

  • Get on your knees to easily access the clips holding the shelf in its place.
  • There are two clips on each side under the glass shelf, as shown in the image.
  • The clips are quite difficult to push in. You may want to use screwdrivers to generate some extra force, but it involves the risk of damaging the glass in case your hand slips.
  • The best way is to do this with your hands. Hold one clip in one hand and hold the other in the other.
  • Push them in together. You will see the whole thing will pop out, meaning that the glass shelf is now free to be removed.
  • Once the glass shelve is free. Hold it from the center and pull it upward. Make sure that the machine’s doors are open all the way, so the glass shelf doesn’t get stuck in the way.
  • Slide the shelf up and move it sideways to remove it to take it out.

That’s how you can remove the glass shelf from a Samsung refrigerator. The next step is to clean the glass shelf. Let’s learn how to do it.

  • Place your glass shelf on a countertop. You can spread a piece of cloth on the countertop if you fear that you may break the glass. Please note that do not pry the tabs on the top of the shelf as we already discussed in the precautionary tip.
  • Flip over the glass shelf on the countertop, and you can see two clips on each side of the glass shelf, as shown in the image below. Push the clips down with your finger or a screwdriver. The plastic part of the glass shelf will pop out. You will see two clips under the shelf. Keep them handy as you will need them while reinstalling the unit.

Flip over the glass shelf on the countertop

  • Be careful with the next part as you slide out the glass from the shelf. Ok, so now the glass and the plastic part are separate; you can clean both. Let them get dry before you start putting them back.

Reinstalling the Glass on the Plastic Shelf

  • Lay down a towel on the countertop to keep things safe.
  • Keep the plastic part heads up on the countertop to reinstall the glass on the plastic shelf.
  • Place the glass on the plastic part very carefully. Make sure you adjust it from side to side. It would be best to ask someone to reach for the glass from the bottom to give it some support while you keep it over the plastic housing.

Place the glass on the plastic part very carefully

  • It is now time to insert the clips that you unhooked while taking out the glass. You will hear a click sound when the clip sits in its place.

It is now time to insert the clips that you unhooked

Reinstalling the Shelf in the Refrigerator

It is now time to reinstall the shelf back in the refrigerator. Open the doors and adjust the shelf carefully on its designated spot. Don’t try to push or hurry up things here.

Once the shelf is at its right place, it will sit down nicely, and you will hear the clips coming back to their pre-removal spot.

That’s it. That’s how you can remove the glass shelf, separate the shelf from the plastic housing, clean it, reinstall the glass on the housing and then reinstall the glass shelf back on a Samsung refrigerator.

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