How to Reset Samsung Refrigerator after Power Outage?

Samsung refrigerators come loaded with many options that make operating and managing your machine easier. However, regardless of their technological advancements, these machines can get stuck from time to time. This usually happens when the power goes out.

The biggest indication that your refrigerator needs a reset is a blank line or “8-8” written instead of the correct temperature. If you have seen it for the first time, don’t freak out. Most of these problems can be fixed with a simple reset.

If you are a new user or don’t know how to reset your Samsung refrigerator after a power outage or voltage drop, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can reset a Samsung refrigerator after a power outage. The error message can also come up after you have unplugged your machine for maintenance or routine cleaning. So, let’s find out how you can reset a Samsung refrigerator without wasting any time.

Apart from discussing how to reset the Samsung refrigerator after a power outage, we will also discuss how you can reset the filter light on the Samsung refrigerator and how to reset the control panel on a Samsung refrigerator?

How to reset Samsung Refrigerator After Power Outage?

The reset instructions may vary from one model to another. Some models may have a separate reset button inside. If you have a machine with this button, find it and press it to reset it. You may need to hold the button for some time to reset the refrigerator.

The reset button is usually located behind the ice bucket or the control panel. The exact location will be mentioned on the user manual of your machine.

If you have a model without the reset button

If you have a model without the reset button, you can reset it by holding the Energy Saver and Lightning button for 8-10 seconds. The unit will chime, indicating that it has been reset, and it will start showing the correct temperature. If the unit doesn’t display the correct temperature, you can set the temperature within a couple of minutes. Click here to read more. 

In some models, the reset is done by pressing the

In some models, the reset is done by pressing the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously for 8-10 seconds until you hear a beep. The temperature and other settings on your unit will return to the pre-set position.

Some models may blink and beep several times before displaying the correct temperature. If you hear or see this, don’t panic. It means that the refrigerator has been reset.

Resetting your refrigerator doesn’t only show the correct temperature; it also helps clear error codes.

What happens after a Power Outage on your Samsung Refrigerator?

Power outages can be pretty harmful at times. If the power goes out abruptly without messing with the voltage of the incoming current, it doesn’t harm your machine as it is pretty similar to you turning off the machine. However, if the voltage fluctuates, things can get dangerous at times.

There can be the following outcomes after a power outage!

  • A sudden power outage can force the breaker to trip off. If you notice that your fridge doesn’t light up after the power is restored, check the circuit breaker on the control panel.
  • Some Samsung models may have a GFCI outlet trip button. It can go off when the power goes out. Check if your model has this button. Turn it on before doing anything else.
  • If the power fluctuates above or below your fridge’s tolerance level, it can cause electric damage. The wire may go bad, or some component in the control board may stop working. If you have checked the two things mentioned above and the fridge is still not coming to power, it is time you check the cable.
  • A short cable may give a burning smell. Please make sure that you check the AC outlet with some other appliance before changing the cable on your fridge.

Why do you need to reset your Samsung Refrigerator?

As already explained, you may need to reset your Samsung refrigerator for various reasons. Here is a rundown of the factors that may require you to reset your refrigerators.

Incorrect Temperature Display: If your refrigerator’s temperature reading blinks or is incorrect or changes automatically, the issue can be a bigger one, but you can sort it most of the time with a simple reset. Resetting refreshes up the circuits and lets the machine display the correct temperature.

Resetting Samsung Refrigerator for Turning off Demo Mode: If your refrigerator is stuck in demo mode, a simple reset can help. The fridge appears to be on in the demo mode but doesn’t cool. To reset a pre-2014 Samsung refrigerator in demo mode, press and hold the “Energy Saver and Freezer” buttons for 8-10 seconds to deactivate demo mode.

In models made after 2014, the demo mode is reset by pressing and holding the “Freezer, Energy Saver, and Lightning” buttons for 10 seconds. Once the demo mode has been activated, the display will show the correct temperature.

Resetting Samsung Refrigerator for a Frozen Touch Screen: A simple reset will fix a frozen LCD on your unit, but some cases may require doing one step further. All refrigerators with touch screens come with a power button that turns the touch screen on/off. This switch is located at the top of the fridge right behind the right door. Turn off the switch and wait for 5-10 minutes before turning it back on.

Resetting the Ice Maker on Samsung Refrigerator: You may need to reset/test the ice maker to ensure that it is working properly. This can be done by simply pulling the ice bucket and pushing the reset button for three seconds.

A working ice maker will test all the features, and you will see water dripping down it. Pro tip: don’t forget to place a water tray under the ice maker while resetting it.

Try defrosting your refrigerator if you can’t pull the ice bucket due to ice formation.

Water Filter Issues: A simple reset can also fix water filter issues. Please check the next section of this article to read more about how to reset the water filter light on your Samsung refrigerator.

How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator from Shop Mode?

To reset the refrigerator in shop mode, press and hold the “Power Freeze & Power Cool” buttons for 2-5 seconds.

How to do a Network Reset on your Samsung Refrigerator?

Please note that this reset is only applicable to models with Wi-Fi. If your refrigerator doesn’t have Wi-Fi features, you can skip this section.

A network reset comes in handy when you want to erase all Wi-Fi and network information from your machine. To do this, touch and hold the “Lock” button for about 12 seconds until “A” and “r” appear.

To perform a network reset on a Family Hub model, swipe the screen to awaken it. Open Settings and select Wi-Fi. Select your desired Wi-Fi connection and disconnect it or forget it. You can also turn on Wi-Fi from the settings.

How to Factory Reset a Family Hub Refrigerator?

You can factory reset your Samsung Family Hub refrigerator by going to settings, selecting “About Family Hub,” then “Factory Data Reset,” and then selecting “Reset.” Once you see the reset option, select it and then select “Delete all data.”

Please note that selecting this option will erase all settings from your machine, like temperature settings for all compartments, ice maker/water dispenser settings, child lock settings, and Wi-Fi settings.

How to Reset Filter Light on Samsung Refrigerator?

You may need to reset the water filter light due to several reasons. It blinks to indicate that the water filter needs replacement; the filter is dirty or not performing as expected. Sometimes the filter light blinks up once you have changed the filter. The machine fails to understand that the filter has been replaced and doesn’t automatically turn off the filter light.

A blinking filter light doesn’t mean any serious problem with the refrigerator, and it can be dealt with within a couple of minutes.

All you have to do is hold the Alarm button for 3 seconds to reset the filter. Most models have written guidelines mentioned under the alarm button for resetting the water filter light.

All you have to do is hold the Alarm button for 3 seconds

Some models have an inside control panel. The filter reset mechanism is different in these models. You will need to hold the “Power Cool” and “Fridge” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to turn off the filter light.

Please note that the red filter light indicates trouble and blue light means that it is performing optimally. Some models may not indicate blue/green color. They only show a red light when the filter is out of order.

If you have a Samsung RF23J9011SG/AA refrigerator, you need to press and hold the “Crushed/Hold” button for 3 seconds to reset the water filter light.

To reset the water filter light for the DA29-00003G Samsung refrigerator, press and hold the “Alarm/Hold” button for 3-5 seconds.

For Samsung RF24R7201SR, press and hold the “Filter Reset” button for 3 seconds to reset the water filter light.

On a Samsung RF23J9011SR refrigerator, pressing the “Crushed/Hold” button for 3 seconds does the trick.

Why do you need to replace the water filter on your Samsung Refrigerator?

It is important to highlight that a Samsung refrigerator water filter needs replacement every 6 months. The water filter removes contaminants from incoming water and makes it fit for drinking. If you don’t replace the filter and ignore the indication light, you risk your health. Moreover, you must not rely 100% on indicator light to replace the filter; you must keep track to ensure your family’s health.

It is pertinent to highlight that some models display orange indicator after five months or 450 gallons of water and red after six months or 500 gallons. The best practice is to change the water filter right after the light turns orange.

What to do if the water filter’s light turns back on after resetting on a Samsung Refrigerator?

If the light turns back on your Samsung refrigerator, ensure that you have installed a new filter and it is working properly. You must also check that it has been installed in the right way. Sometimes an improper installation leads to the light turning back on again and again.

You can also solve this problem by flushing 3-4 gallons of water from your newly installed water filter.

How do I Reset my Samsung Refrigerator Control Panel?

The control panel on your Samsung refrigerator is the brain of the machine. It allows you to interact with your machine by letting you change the settings and adjust the temperature. However, problems can happen with the control panel from time to time, and most of these issues can be fixed with a simple reset.

Sometimes a reset will not work, but it is worth trying because it is better to solve the problem yourself before going for a costly repair or calling customer service.

Let’s see how you can reset the control panel on a Samsung refrigerator!

  • Begin by checking the child lock on your control panel. A non-responsive control panel can be fixed by disabling the child lock most of the time.
  • A not-working control panel will not let you press any buttons on the screen. Hence you will need to manually reset the system. You can do this by unplugging the machine and plugging it back after 5-10 minutes.
  • If this doesn’t work, you can press the reset switch on your machine to turn the display on.
  • It may happen that resetting the control panel will take your machine back to its factory settings. You will need to adjust the temperature and other settings again.
  • If a hard reset doesn’t work, contact customer service and arrange a technical inspection.

How can I reset the screen on a Samsung Family Hub French Door Refrigerator?

All Family Hub refrigerators come with a red button located inside the top of the right door. Press it, and the touch screen will reset.

Final Words

All refrigerators need troubleshooting from time to time. Most of the simple problems can be fixed by resetting the unit. Samsung recommends resetting the unit before calling customer service or arranging a professional inspection.

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