Is it a Good Idea to use Dishwasher Tablets to Clean Toilet?

Homeowners and cleaning staff are always on the hunt for the best way to clean their toilets. The hard water stains that appear in the form of yellow/brown/rust line in the toilet bowl are one of the most displeasing sights you’ll see in your washroom. The worst part is that it won’t go away easily and always bounces back even if you manage to clear it.


The bouncing back part is due to a high level of hard water minerals in your water. You can manage that by installing a water softener, but it is a long-term solution. For now, you need something that will instantly remove the hard water stains on your toilet.

So today, we will discuss an interesting toilet cleaning hack with you; can you use dishwasher tablets to clean toilets? Yes. You can. It is a great idea to use dishwasher tablets to clean your toilets.

Is it a Good Idea to use Dishwasher Tablets to Clean Toilets?

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How does it Work?

There are two ways to make this hack work. Both are easy, but one requires more elbow grease and getting your hands dirty. Don’t worry. You can wear gloves.

Dropping the Tablet in the Toilet Bowl: The first and the easy way is to throw the tablet in your toilet’s bowl and let it dissolve. Once it dissolves, grab your toilet bowl scrubber and give it a good scrub. A 2-5 minutes scrub will dissolve the stains or considerably reduce them if not make your toilet crystal clean.

Scrubbing with the Dishwasher Tablet: The next method is to scrub the toilet bowl with dishwasher tablets. This method is best for stubborn hard water stains and if the first method fails to clean your toilet.

You will need your gloves for this method. Grab a dishwashing tablet, remove the plastic cover, wet a corner of the tablet, and scrub the stain line in your toilet tank. You’ll be scrubbing in the same way as if you were using a scrub or a sponge. This will remove the hard water stain line in a couple of minutes.

Why does it Work?

If you are wondering why a dishwasher tablet is so effective in removing hard water stains in the toilet bowl, the reason lies in the tablet’s chemistry. These tablets are meant to remove hard water stains from your dishes and dishwasher, which makes it a perfect hack for cleaning toilets.

The good part is that you can use dishwasher tablets to clean many other things around your home like your oven door, scorched pots and pans, garbage cans, refrigerator, hard water stains on sinks, plumbing, other fixtures, and washing machines.

Can I use dishwashing liquid or powder to clean toilets?

Yes. You can use them as well, but these things are not as effective as tablets because the liquid and powder will dissolve in water quickly as compared to the tablet. Liquid or powder will fail to loosen the mineral buildup on the toilet.

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Final Words

It is surprising to see how little things can do wonders at times. A tidy washroom with a clean toilet is a pleasant sight for guests and people living in the home. So, try it and see how a dishwasher tablet cleans your toilets.


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