4 Easy ways to Fix Bosch Dishwasher Water Tap Error

Bosch dishwashers are famous for their self-diagnostic settings and sleek designs. In case of any error, symbols and codes appear on the dishwasher’s display to warn the user. If your dishwasher is showing a water tap error, it can have various reasons. Usually, a water tap error indicates broken or faulty dishwasher parts. The possible causes of water tap error are:

  • Filter blockage
  • Low water pressure
  • A kinked or blocked hose
  • Blocked wastewater pump

If a water tap error is displaying on your dishwasher, you can fix this issue by properly diagnosing the problem. After accessing the damage, you can fix this issue at your home quite easily.

Water tap error fixing guide 

The water tap error should be resolved as soon as possible to make your dishwasher functionally well again. Here is a detailed fixing guide for the water tap error of the Bosch dishwasher.

Cause 1: Filter Blockage

An excessive amount of debris and sediments can clog the water inlet or hose filter. The filter blockage can hinder the water flow throughout the dishwasher. So, a water tap error appears on display. Thus, you have to clean the filter to remove this error.


The water inlet filter maintains the air quality of the dishwasher. It’s an essential part of the air conditioning system. Any blockage in the water inlet filter will make the water dirty and cease the dishwashing operation as well. You will have to clean the filter by following the given steps to fix this issue.

  • First, turn off the water tap.
  • Take out the hose from the water tap by twisting it.
  • Take out the hose filter with pliers carefully.
  • Run water over the filter to clean it.
  • You can also use a soft brush to remove debris accumulated in the hose filter.
  • Connect the hose to the water tap and check for leaks.
  • Also, check the supply hose for any kinks. If you find any, then pull out the supply hose
  • Untwist the supply hose to remove the kink.
  • Check cold water fill hose also to remove bends or kinks.

filter cleaning

Cause 2: Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another cause of water tap error indication on the Bosch dishwasher. If your dishwasher is not getting enough water, the dishwashing process may slow down or stop. Ultimately water tap error will show on display.


To check water pressure directly, you need a bucket. With a fully open tap, approximately 10 liters of water should fall into the bucket per minute. Check water pressure with the following method.

  • Turn off the water tap and remove the hose from the faucet by using a towel.
  • Put a large bucket under the water tap. Turn on the tap.
  • The water flow should be approximately 10 liters per minute.
  • If you feel the water pressure is low, you should contact your plumber to check the issue with the water installation.

water pressure check

Cause 3: Kinked or Blocked Hose

The bends or kinks in the supply hose can decrease the dishwasher’s efficiency. The plastic supply hose connects the water source and dishwasher drains together. Any twist in the supply hose will lead to clogging, and then a water tap error will appear on your dishwasher’s display.


Removing kinks or twists from hoses is relatively easy. You need to check the wastewater hose, supply hose, and cold water fill hose to remove kinks if you find any.

  • Cut off power and water supply to the dishwasher.
  • Pull out the dishwasher slightly and check all the hoses for twists or kinks.
  • Untwist the visible kinks by removing the hoses for better water flow.
  • Reassemble the hoses and turn on the dishwasher.

Cause 4: Blocked Wastewater Pump

Another possible cause of water tap error is the blocked wastewater pump. The wastewater pump is present under the dishwasher filter close to the lower spray arm.


Due to the blockage in the wastewater filter, the dishwasher discontinues its function and the water tap error displays. To fix this issue, follow the given steps.

  • Unplug the dishwasher from the power source and turn off the water supply.
  • Remove the dishwasher’s filter unit from its bottom.
  • Wear protective gloves to keep your hands safe from sharp objects inside the dishwasher.
  • Unclip the pump cover by using a spoon.
  • Pull out the pump.
  • Check the pump areas thoroughly with your hands and remove the obstacles that hinder the rotation of the pump impeller.
  • Now check the movement of the pump impeller after removing the obstructions.
  • If it’s moving, find then put the pump cover in its place again.
  • Click sound will ensure the proper fitting of the pump cover.
  • Place the dishwasher filter again. Use a scrub brush to clean it, if needed.
  • Turn on the water and power supply.

Water tap error mainly results from the causes mentioned above. You can remove this error and continue the dishwashing process with the given methods. If all these methods are not working for you, it’s better to call a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the Bosch dishwasher showing a water tap error?

If the water tap light is flashing on your Bosch dishwasher, there is a blockage in the inlet filters or wastewater pump. Besides this, bent and blocked hoses cause water tap errors. Water tap error may also appear due to low water pressure from the tap.

2. What is the difference between check water error and water tap error?

The check water error appears due to the blocked drain pump, blocked or faulty water inlet hose, and water leakage in the dishwasher. While, the water tap error indicates the presence of kinks in the hose supply, clogged supply hose, and blocked wastewater pump.

3. How do kinks affect the supply hose of the dishwasher?

Kinks in the supply hose can lead to cracks that ultimately cause leaks. The water flow is interrupted, and the supply hose is detached from the tap fitting. You have to remove the kinks to ensure proper water flow in the dishwasher.


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