What Does DC Mean on a Samsung Washer?

In Samsung washers or washing machines, the dc error displays as Door or De. The error code represents a problem with the washer’s door. Usually, this error code doesn’t indicate the breakdown of the device; instead it shows the trouble with the washing machine’s door.

Moreover, the Dc error code or Samsung front load washer error also shows that the washing machine doesn’t spin because of the unbalanced load, improper machine leveling, and other technical difficulties.

Dc error code

Possible Dc error codes o Samsung washer

Samsung washers or washing machines show different DC error codes according to their model variations. Usually, the Dc error code appears as “De” or “Door.” Some washer models also show complete word for Dc error as “Door error.” Other common Dc error codes that appear on the Samsung washers are:

  • De
  • De1
  • De2

Besides these common errors, the washer also shows Dc errors with additional digits.

  • Dc
  • Dc1
  • Dc2

Along with Dc error codes, all water-temperature light indicators also blink. The washers that don’t have a display warn about fault through flashing diodes.

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Possible reasons for Dc error code 

When a Dc error code appears on a Samsung washer, it indicates technical difficulties in unlocking the main door, issues with closing the hatch, or with the door lock. Besides this, it also shows improper load balance and improper washer leveling. This guide will provide a complete knowledge about Dc error codes’ reasons and their possible solutions.

Cause 1: Improper load balance

A most common reason for Dc code appearance is the improper washing load in the washer. As a result of an unbalanced load, the door lock or hatch faces difficulties in locking and unlocking both mechanisms. An unbalanced load is usually created by bulky comforters, towels, sweaters, bed sheets, and jeans. Besides this, undersized loads and oversized loads both create an imbalance in the washer.


Rearranging the load to create a balance in the washing machine is quite easy. Keep the following instructions in mind while balancing your washing load.

  • Balance all the bulky items around the spin barrel. Avoid stacking them one over another to create a pile.
  • Evenly distribute the weight of heavy items like towels around the spin barrel.
  • Also, check and make sure that all bulky and heavy items do not tangle around the spin barrel of the washer. If they twist around the spin barrel, the washer will be stuck, and the Dc code will appear on display.
  • If removing or rearranging a few items doesn’t work, then the weight of the load may be problematic for the washer to spin. Lessen down your washing load to allow the spin barrel to move freely.
  • Other than heavy or oversized loads, undersized loads may also cause an imbalance, and Dc code will appear on display. Thus, always put the recommended amount of load in your Samsung washer, written in the manual.

Balance the load

Cause 2: Improper leveling of the washer 

If the washing machine is not leveled, the Dc error will display over your Samsung washer. If weight distribution didn’t remove the error code, it could be your washing machine’s improper leveling. Improper washer leveling triggers a warning, and an error code will appear.


You can resolve the leveling issue with simple techniques.

  • The washer should be placed on a leveled surface. You can check the surface level with a leveling tool.
  • If your surface is not even, you should shift your Samsung washing machine to a leveled surface.
  • If it isn’t possible, you can use the washer’s legs to adjust it manually.
  • In the corner of the washing machine, locate the leg where the surface is lowest. Now, spin it counterclockwise to raise it.
  • If your washer legs are high, spin them clockwise to lower down the highest one.

If leveling the washer didn’t remove the error code, then it might be another fault in the washer that is causing the error.

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Cause 3: Technical faults

Other reasons for flashing Dc code on the Samsung washer are technical faults. These faults include a problem with the door hatch, main lock, mechanically damaged or worn out door, and damaged wiring between the electronic module and lock.


Technical causes are not as common as the two reasons mentioned above for Dc error in a Samsung washer. But these technical issues are trickier to solve than others issues of the error.

  • After washing, if you cannot open the door, it might be a problem with the working mechanism of the door hatch. If this is the case, you have to install a new washer lock, and it’s better to get professional help for this.
  • If you don’t listen to a click sound upon closing the washer door, then it means the main lock of the washer is problematic. So, replacing the main lock is the solution to this problem.
  • Sometimes due to the worn-out or mechanically damaged door of the Samsung washer, the door hatch doesn’t close. The hole in the washer’s body does not match the lock anymore. In this case, you need professional help to change your washer’s door.
  • After resetting the washer, sometimes the light flashes again to show a Dc error on display. It happens if the wiring between the electronic module and door is worn out. You can replace the damaged wires and restore the conductivity to fix this situation. Please call a professional to change the wiring of your Samsung washer.

door lock faults

Cause 4: Damaged suspension rods

Drum suspension rods of the Samsung washer may experience wear and tear over time. Due to a faulty or damaged suspension rod, a Dc error code will appear on the washer.


You can order the suspension rods for the Samsung washer online. These rods support the washer’s tub and keep the washer stable. You can replace the suspension rods by following an easy procedure.

  • Unplug the washer and unscrew the control panel.
  • Disconnect the two-wire harnesses present in the control panel.
  • Lift the lid after unscrewing the clips with a screwdriver. Provide support to the lid with a large clamp to keep it in place.
  • Remove only one suspension rod at a time. Lift the rod to clear the upper mount and lower it until it clears the lower mount.
  • After removing the rod, clean out the internal components with a clean towel.
  • Apply some silicone grease to the new rods at the contacting points that will touch the mounts in the washing machine.
  • Now place the new suspension rod in the mounts, fix the lower end in the lower mount and the upper end in the upper mount.
  • Repeat the same process with the other three suspension rods.
  • Reconnect the two harness wires.
  • Reassemble the control panel and plug in your washer.

After all these possible solutions and techniques, you have to contact a professional if your washer still shows a Dc error code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process of resetting the Samsung washer after Dc error code?

You can reset your Samsung washer after the Dc error code by following easy steps.

  • Unplug the washer or disconnect the power by turning off the circuit breaker.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes, and plug in the washer again to reset it.

2. How can you fix the Dc error on the Samsung washer?

Dc error on Samsung washer also known as Samsung front load washer appears when the washer is unable to spin due to unbalanced loads mostly. You can fix this error by redistributing the load, reducing the load quantity, and leveling the washing machine.

3. How can suspension rods cause a Dc error on a Samsung washer?

Suspension rods provide support to the washing machine’s tub. The suspension rod worn out over time and the Samsung washer doesn’t perform its function with damaged rods. As a result, the Dc error code appears on the washer.


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