What is Ice Plus on LG Refrigerator?

LG refrigerators are known for high-quality and advanced features. One of the most admired features is its ice-making capabilities. LG refrigerators produce quick ice regardless of how high the ambient temperature is.

When all the ice in an LG refrigerator has been consumed, it will take around 2 hours to produce the next batch of ice cubes.


LG has introduced the “Ice Plus” feature in some refrigerators to up the ice-making game. “Ice Plus” feature speeds up the ice-making process and provides you with 2 times faster ice cubes. It means that if an LG refrigerator without Ice Plus takes 2 hours to produce one batch of ice, one with Ice Plus will take less than one hour.

In this article, we will discuss what Ice Plus on an LG refrigerator is, how it operates and what benefits you will get if you buy an LG refrigerator with Ice Plus.

What is Ice Plus on LG Refrigerator?

As already explained, Ice Plus reduces the time your refrigerator needs to make a new batch of ice when the stock ends. It is just like a turbo ice mode on your refrigerator. It doubles the freezer and ice-making speed.

The science behind this feature is simple. Turning it on directs the machine to increase cold air flow to the ice maker.

How can I turn on Ice Plus mode on an LG refrigerator?

Turning Ice Plus mode on your refrigerator is an easy process. To turn on Ice Plus mode, press and hold the refrigerator and Ice Plus buttons simultaneously for five seconds. Ice Plus mode, once activated, turns off automatically after 24 hours. You can also turn it off by pressing the “Ice Plus” button.

How can I turn on Ice Plus mode on LG InstaView Refrigerator?

  • Tap to turn on the display on your machine.
  • Press settings options and go to refrigerator manager option.
  • Select the Ice Plus option and turn it on or off.
  • You can also access this feature using the LG SmartThinQ mobile application by pressing the Ice Plus option on the phone and turning it on/off. Press the save button once you are done.

How fast is Ice Plus on LG refrigerator?

LG refrigerators with ice maker but without Ice Plus mode take 2 hours to make ice after you have consumed all the ice in the machine. If your machine is equipped with an Ice Plus mode, it will take less than an hour to make ice.

Does the ambient temperature affect Ice Plus mode working?

Ambient temperature may slightly impact Ice Plus mode performance as a higher environmental temperature slows down your refrigerator’s overall working, and it will also impact Ice Plus mode.

However, when the summers are at full bloom, more people use Ice Plus to get some quick ice for cold drinks.

Does the refrigerator’s temperature affect Ice Plus mode?

Yes. If your machine is set at a low temperature, Ice Plus will give quicker results than situations when the machine is set at a high temperature.

Can you reset Ice Plus mode on LG refrigerator?

Yes, you can reset Ice Plus mode on LG refrigerator with reset button present on the backside of ice maker. For more details, click how to reset LG refrigerator Ice Maker.

Why does the Ice Plus ice maker not dumping ice?

If your LG refrigerator is not dumping ice with the Ice Plus mode turned on, it is primarily due to the lock being turned on in the ice maker. If the lock is off and your machine is still not dispensing ice, you must get in touch with LG’s customer service as soon as possible.

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