What is LG Dishwasher CL Code Feature?

People usually misunderstand the CL code as an error. CL code that appears on LG dishwashers is not an error at all. It stands for Child Lock. When CL code appears on your dishwasher, then it means that the child lock is being activated. This feature ensures that the children around the appliance are safe.

The CL feature prevents the child from getting close to the dangerous and moving parts of the dishwasher. LG provides this feature also on its washing machines along with dishwashers. This feature activates after pressing certain buttons. So, if any child tries to open the dishwasher, this feature doesn’t allow him to open the dishwasher’s door.

The CL feature also prevents the child from changing the dishwasher’s setting. Especially during the dishwashing cycle, this lock stops the child from opening the door. Hence, it’s a safety precaution that people mistakenly think of as an error code.

Blocking Mode

The blocking mode after CL code appearance performs the following tasks.

  • Immediately locks all buttons on the dishwasher
  • Locks all dishwasher’s features and functions
  • CL error code will pop up on the dishwasher’s display

How to Reset the CL Code on LG Dishwasher?

CL code that appears on your LG dishwasher doesn’t indicate any error. So, you don’t have to rush to call a technician. It is simply a child lock feature that you can reset quite easily. Hence, if you want to release or reset this feature, simply follow the given steps.

  • Turn off the power supply to your dishwasher.
  • Press wash and rinse buttons all together
  • Hold these two buttons for at least 5 seconds
  • Release them together

LG dishwasher

This process will release the child lock feature that was previously popping up on your dishwasher’s display. Besides this, every LG dishwasher model has various unlock combinations. You have to check your dishwasher’s manual to select which two buttons you will have to choose to deactivate this feature.

Some LG dishwashers have a lock and unlock icons. Then you have to press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously to release the CL feature. If you are unsure which buttons to press, it’s best to check your user’s manual for guidance.

How to Activate CL Code on LG Dishwasher?

Activating the child lock feature on your LG dishwasher will block all buttons and features. This mode will protect your children if they are playing around the appliance. It prevents them from opening the dishwasher door for their own safety. Every LG dishwasher model has specific buttons to hold for the activation of the CL code. You can activate this feature by following methods mostly.

  • If your dishwasher has Rinse and Spray buttons, you will have to press these two buttons simultaneously. After doing this, the CL code will appear on the dishwasher, and blocking is activated. If you want to release this feature, press these two buttons again.
  • Some LG dishwashers have a Dual Zone button on their control panel. Press and hold this button for a few seconds to activate the CL feature. And to deactivate it, press and hold this button again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does CL code error mean on the LG dishwasher?

If your LG dishwasher is showing CL code on display, then it means that the Child Lock is being activated. It is a blocking feature that jams the door, buttons, and dishwasher features to protect children roaming around your dishwasher.

2. How to clear the CL code on the LG dishwasher?

Depending on its model, you can fix the CL code on the LG dishwasher. The most common method of CL code unlocking is:

  • Press and hold the Rinse and Spray buttons for five seconds and release them together.
  • You can also press the lock and unlock icon simultaneously for a few seconds to remove the CL code from your LG dishwasher.

3. How to reset the LG dishwasher?

You can reset your LG dishwasher by following easy steps.

  • Turn off the power button of the dishwasher.
  • Shut off the circuit breaker also and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  • Turn on the circuit breaker.
  • Press the power button again to turn on the dishwasher.

4. What is LG Dishwasher AE Error Code?

AE error code on an LG dishwasher indicates water leakage inside the appliance. The leak sensor in the dishwasher senses the water leakage, and a combination of symbols arises from it. Read more here about it.


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