Why is my LG French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker not Dumping Ice?

Troubleshooting your LG French Door refrigerator ice maker not dispensing ice often begins with checking what is causing the problem. Most ice makers not dispensing ice problems for an LG refrigerator can be fixed at home if you know how to do it.

In this article, we will discuss why your French Door refrigerator ice maker is not dispensing ice. We will start our discussion with the most basic fixes so that you can diagnose the issue without much hassle.

Why is my LG French Door Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice?

Reason #1: Ice Maker is off

The first thing to do is check that your ice maker has power. Most LG ice makers come with a light indicating whether the ice maker is turned on or off.

Solution: Turn on the Ice Maker

Check that your ice maker is turned on. Most ice makers have an independent switch for turning it on and off. Make sure that the ice maker is turned on and receiving power.

Reason #2: Expecting ice too early

After it is turned on, reset, or serviced, an ice maker takes 18-24 hours to produce the first batch of ice. If you have turned on your ice maker after some time, it may not start producing ice right away.

Solution: Give your Ice Maker due time

The ice maker on your LG French Door refrigerator is a machine, and just like all the other machines, it needs time to function and produce ice. Once the first batch of ice is produced, the ice maker takes around 2-3 hours to deliver a fresh batch.

Reason #3: Wrong Positon of your Fridge

Your LG refrigerator not dispensing ice can also happen due to the wrong position of your fridge. You may be thinking that no one touched your fridge, so why should I check whether my unit is balanced or not. To make it clear, a simple thud can make things go bad for your refrigerator.

Solution: Check and Balance out your Fridge

Use a carpenter’s balance to check the level of your fridge. Proceed to the next step if it is balanced. If not, adjust leveling legs to balance out the machine.

Reason #4: Ice Clumps Formation

The ice maker has an auger inside to melt the ice cubes before releasing them. A malfunctioning auger can lead to ice clump formation inside the ice maker. The functioning of the auger is similar to a heater that supplies heat when you dispense an ice maker. If the auger starts malfunctioning, it will lead to ice clump formation. The ice cubes will not be separated, and you will not be able to get ice cubes from the ice maker.

The most common reason behind ice clumps formation is inactivity. Many people don’t use the ice maker for a long time, and ice builds up over auger. This frequently happens in the winter season as the ice maker is not used. The best way to deal with this problem is to turn off your ice maker during winters.

Solution: Melt the Ice Maker

Auger in your LG French door refrigeration doesn’t go bad too easily. The best way to confirm if the problem is related to the auger is to defrost the ice maker once. You may weight for the ice to melt automatically by turning off your freezer and letting it defrost manually. It will take a lot of time.

Hence, the best way is to remove the ice maker cover and inspect the level of ice buildup. You can use a fan to speed up the process or turn off the ceiling fan, but please don’t use a heater or hairdryer.

If the ice formation is small, pick up the rice balls with your hand and throw them in a sink nearby. Just a pro tip: place a tray underneath when working on your ice maker to catch any water spills.

Reason #5: Defective Ice Maker Fan

Reason # 4 Defective Ice Maker Fan

All LG French door refrigerators come with an ice maker fan. The purpose of this fan is to direct cold air toward the ice maker so that it gets more cooling to speed up the ice-making process. If the fan goes out of order or is not working at its optimum speed, the ice maker’s temperature will not get below -12 degrees Celsius, and it will not make ice.

Solution: Inspect the Ice Maker Fan

You will need a magnet piece to check if the ice maker fan is working or not. You can place the magnet inside the freezer compartment, and it will trick the freezer into believing that the door has been closed. You can then check if the fan is working or not by simply feeling the cold air around the ice maker. If you don’t notice any significant increase in the cooling section, it means that the ice maker fan has gone bad.

Replacing the ice maker fan is not an average DIY task. Only proceed with it if you are a seasoned DIY campaigner and you are fully aware of your fridge’s technicalities.

Reason #6: Blocked Water Supply Line

All refrigerators with an ice maker or water dispenser require a water supply to provide you with ice or cold water. The water that comes into our home contains sediment and a lot of other impurities. These contaminants can block the waterline over time, leading to your refrigerator not dispensing ice properly.

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Solution: Check the Water Inlet Pipe

Follow the steps below to check the water inlet pipe of your LG refrigerator.

  • Turn off your machine and pull it out.
  • Locate the water inlet pipe. It is usually located on the backside of the machine, right above the back panel.
  • Turn off the inlet valve and remove the water supply line. Place a shallow tray underneath to catch any water spills.
  • Check the opening on your fridge and see if it has any blocks or buildup. Use a straightened steel hanger and push it inside the opening. If the wire moves freely, there is no blockage there.
  • Now open the water inlet valve to see if the supply line has any blocking. If the water flows out steadily and nothing is stuck there, everything here is working all right, and this is not the problem.
  • If the water drips or the flow is irregular, you may need to change the supply pipe.

Reason # 7: Blacked Water Filter

Another possible reason your ice dispenser is not making ice is a blocked or expired water filter. Blocked water filters can significantly slow down the water supply rate to your ice maker. As a result, it will not dispense ice properly as it will not make enough ice.

Solution: Check your Water Filter

Most LG refrigerators come with a water filter indication light. The light turns on when the filter needs replacement. Many people ignore this. Please don’t do this as it can lead to many potential problems with your health and ice maker.

The best way to deal with this is to replace the water filter timely. A refrigerator water filter lasts for 6 months.

Reason #8: Defective Ice Maker Auger

As already explained, the auger is responsible for melting ice cubes and pushing them down. It has a motor that generates the required heat and uses a drive and gear mechanism to push the ice out. The auger may stop turning, and it will stop ice from coming out.

Solution: Check for Continuity on the Auger

You will need a multi-meter to check if the motor has continuity or not. If the multi-meter shows continuity, the problem is not with the auger and its working mechanism. However, it is best to get this checked by a professional. You may not be able to understand the reading if you don’t know how a multi-meter works.

Reason #9: Dead Ice Maker

Reason # 9 Dead Ice Maker

This is the worst thing that can happen to your ice maker; a dead ice maker. Though it happens rarely, many LG users have reported the ice maker dying after 4-5 years.

Solution: Replace the Ice Maker

Please note that you cannot repair the ice maker on your LG refrigerator. It needs to be replaced. Replacing the ice maker is not a very technical task. If you have some basic skills about unhooking things and a detailed guide with you on removing ice maker from your refrigerator, it will be an interesting DIY experience for you.

However, you must make sure that you buy the right ice maker and confirm that it is compatible with your refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset the ice maker on my LG French Door Refrigerator?

Resetting the ice maker on your LG refrigerator can also solve the not-dispensing-ice problem sometimes. Follow the steps below to reset the ice maker.

  • Press the ice button on the control panel to see if the ice maker starts. Wait for a few hours to see if it dispenses ice.
  • If there is no ice, you will need to remove the ice bin.
  • Ice makers have a reset/test button located somewhere. The button’s position varies from one model to another. Refer to your user manual to check the button’s position on your model.
  • Press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds. It will reset the ice maker, and water will start flowing out.
  • If the water comes out, your ice maker is working all right. If you don’t see a continuous water flow or see random dripping, something is wrong with your ice maker.

How can I maintain my LG ice maker?

The best way to ensure a long life for your LG ice maker is to clean it properly. It is a simple process and involves removing the bin, removing ice chunks, if any, and then replacing the bin after cleaning it. You must also replace the water filter timely and check the ice maker for leaks or damages.

What is the best temperature for an ice maker to make ice?

LG recommends -2°F or -20°C for the ice maker to make ice at an optimum rate. Anything lower than this will make ice quickly, and higher temperatures will not let the unit make ice. You can lower the temperature by 1-2 points if you live in a hot area or the freezer compartment of your machine is overly crowded.

Final Words

It is frustrating and irritating to see your ice maker not dispensing ice when you need it the most. However, the good news is that the problem can be solved by checking a few things. Only a handful of cases require a complete ice maker replacement.

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